Included in your booking:

  • Phone Selection: Pick a telephone guestbook that suits your style.
  • Signage: Receive an instruction signage and easel for display for your guests
  • Convenient Delivery: Enjoy free delivery at least 3 days before your date and hassle-free return of the phone using the provided pre-printed sticky label
  • Virtual Phone Option: Opt for a virtual phone to connect remote attendees seamlessly*
  • Enhanced Audio Quality: Our specialised software and editing ensures the best audio quality by effectively eliminating background noise. This makes a huge difference!
  • Complimentary Gift Set: Receive a complimentary gift set, including a stylish display box and a USB keepsake, delivered to your doorstep within 7 days!

*There is an extra cost for this option


To make your audio guestbook easy for guests to use, we provide an elegant sign and stand which can be placed next to the phone, with clear instructions on how to use the audio guestbook. We have signs for Weddings and all kinds of special occasions!

We find the "what to say part" very useful for your guests. It is always good to have a simple prompt for your guests to use in case they can't think of anything to say!

The options available: See below all our signage and select your chosen option during your checkout.

Included Telephone Guestbook Signage Options

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Our Unique Software

All our modified Audio Guestbooks take care of everything for you. Full instructions are included in the package when it arrives. Our skilled engineers have designed these phones to handle greeting recording and guest messages seamlessly. The Telephone Guestbook is self-contained, requiring no additional connections like plug sockets, mobile phones, or Wi-Fi.

You can re-record your greeting as many times as you wish, right up to the event, and there's no need to send us your audio recordings as you'll do it yourself! It's actually really fun doing this!!

Your Audio Guestbook Telephone only records when the handset is lifted. We do not use continuous record boxes like some other companies. Upon receiving your phone, simply plug it in, and we'll send you step-by-step setup instructions.

Our support team is available to assist with any issues, and will be on-hand during your event with UK and USA based support.

An Example of

Before & After Our Editing

Audio Wave


Audio Wave


Keepsake USB Giftset

Upon returning your Telephone Guestbook to us, we'll promptly process your guests' audio messages. We will edited all the Audio for you to provide the best possible audio.  The enhanced recordings will then be sent to you on our distinctive custom laser-printed USB stick, thoughtfully enclosed within our unique Telephone Guestbook case.

This will be sent out to the address supplied on the delivery address within one week of the phone package being returned.

As part of our service:

  • We enhance, edit and seamlessly transfer the digital recordings for you.
  • Additionally, you'll receive a complimentary gift set, including a display box and USB, via postal delivery.

Our Telephone Guestbook packages come at a fixed price, encompassing all the essentials: telephone guestbook rental, complete with signage and stand, enhanced digital recordings, the USB gift set, postage, return delivery, and readily available telephone support whenever you require assistance.

Our digital processing guarantees top-notch audio quality by minimising background noise, ensuring that you can cherish these recordings time and time again. Your gift set will comprise a display box and a laser-engraved USB containing all your recordings, ready for you to listen to at any time.