Our Unique Audio Guestbook Software

The Telephone Guestbook that will be sent to you has been modified so it does all the work for you! We will send you the instructions of how to use the phone via email when we dispatch your phone and signage.

Our phones have been cleverly designed by our skillfull engineers and will handle both the recording of your greeting and allow your guests to record their fun messages for you. The Telephone Guestbook is self-contained, requiring no plug, mobile phone connection, telephone line or wifi. You can re-record your greeting as many times as you wish right up to when your guests use the phone. You do not need to send us your audio recording as you will record this yourself.

All you have to do when you receive you phone is to plug it in. We will send you instructions so you will be able to set you phone up seamlessly. Our team is around with any issues you may have.

We will also be on hand in the evenings and throughout your booking so if you have an issues during your event we will be able to help you.