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Our Virtual Phone Add-On.

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Pay a deposit of $50.00 per item
Total: $ ()
Rental return within days


Our virtual phone add-on is designed to enhance your Wedding or special event and makes sure no one is left out for those who can't attend physically.

With our virtual phone add-on, guests who are unable to attend your wedding or event can still be a part of the celebration. They can leave heartwarming messages for you, which will be recorded for you and played alongside other messages during your event.

We will send you a phone number 14 days before your booking date which you will be able to use until 3 days after your wedding.

You'll receive a copy of all the virtual recorded messages by email, along with your other messages from your booked phone allowing you to relive the special moments and memories whenever you want.

Don't let distance or circumstances stop you from including everyone in your big day. Our virtual phone will make sure every one you know feels connected to your special event when they can't be there.

People are able to call into this number from all around the world. As long as they can dial the number it will work!

We always wait 7 days until we retrieve all the messages for you incase you have any last minute messages. If you would like these within 7 days you can pop us an email and we will do this for you!

Your audio greeting must be received least 2 days before your event for us to be able to program this into our software for you and to be able to provide your phone number before your event. We will reach out to you via email or by phone to ask for you.

Please note that when booking just the virtual landline your messages will be sent to you via a download link only and not on our Keepsake USB.


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