What is The Telephone Guestbook?

The Telephone Guestbook was founded in 2019 to bring a fresh and amazing new guest book idea for your next wedding or special event.

It's simple to setup with you recording your Telephone Greeting yourselves. You can change this as many times as you like! Guests will leave you personalised voice messages all day long giving you lasting memories you can listen to forever.

• Choose from many classic telephone styles!

• Position your Telephone Guestbook anywhere at your venue!*

• We transfer the digital recordings for you!

• Plus you get a free gift set posted to you including a display box and USB!

The Telephone Guestbook is one fixed price with everything included; the telephone hire with signage and stand, the enhanced digital recordings, the USB gift set, postage and return delivery, and telephone support when you need it.

*(We use a slim battery pack so your Telephone is not connected to the mains. Giving you the flexibility to place the phone where you like, AND, the resulting digital audio will be crisper and cleaner!).

How does it work?

  1. When you receive your audio guestbook, follow the simple instructions to record the greeting that all your guests will hear.
  2. Place your telephone in the best spot, we recommend somewhere with lots of foot traffic that's also quiet!
  3. Guests simply pick up the telephone, listen to your pre-recorded message, and wait for the tone.
  4. After the tone, guests record their personal message - we provide some ideas on the free signage you receive - then simply hang up the phone.
  5. After your event, all you need to do is send the box back to us for free, we cover the cost of postage. We will send you a QR code for free postage return with Royal Mail
  6. We digitally process the recordings, taking out some background noise, and ensure that the audio quality is perfect for you to enjoy time and time again.
  7. You then receive your gift set which includes a display box and a laser engraved USB with all your recordings on!

1. Select your style

Choose a style from our online shop that best suits you.

2. Take Delivery

Your telephone guestbook is sent to you for free and arrives at least three days before your booking date.

3. Set it up

Connect your phone and record your personal greeting for your guests. No phone line required or internet.

4. Make Memories

At your event, your guests simply lift the phone, hear your special greeting and record their personal messages after the tone.

5. Return With Ease

Return your Phone within three business days after your booking date. No printing required. We use the Royal Mail with a QR code.

6. Relive the magic

We will deliver your recordings to you digitally and in our USB presentation case with our laser printer keepsake USB.


Email us at hello@thetelephoneguestbook.com


Call us on 01462 374071 to speak to one of our team!


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