How does it work?

  • Book online with UK-based telephone support for setup and event
  • Signage, easel, and personal custom greeting included
  • Phones record only when the handset is lifted, with no need for plugs
  • Free delivery and returns with a laser-printed USB within 7 days
  • Optional virtual phone for remote attendees

Have a listen to some samples

Your guest can leave any message, here are some of our favorites

Audio Wave

Voicemail Example

Audio Wave

Guest Example

Audio Wave

Birthday Example

Audio Wave

Guest Example

What's included?

  1. Phone Selection: Pick a telephone that suits your style.
  2. Personalised Signage: Receive a personal custom message along with signage and easel for display.
  3. Convenient Delivery: Enjoy free delivery and hassle-free return of the phone.
  4. Virtual Phone Option: Opt for a virtual phone to connect remote attendees seamlessly.
  5. Enhanced Audio Quality: Our specialised software ensures superior audio quality by effectively eliminating background noise.
  6. Complimentary Gift Set: Receive a complimentary gift set, including a stylish display box and a USB accessory, delivered to your doorstep within 7 days.

1. Select your style

Choose a style from our online shop that best suits you.

2. Take Delivery

Your telephone guestbook is sent to you for free and arrives at least three days before your booking date.

3. Set it up

Connect your phone and record your personal greeting for your guests. No phone line required or internet.

4. Make Memories

At your event, your guests simply lift the phone, hear your special greeting and record their personal messages after the tone.

5. Return With Ease

Return your Phone within three business days after your booking date. No printing required. We use the Royal Mail with a QR code.

6. Relive the magic

We will deliver your recordings to you digitally and in our USB presentation case with our laser printer keepsake USB.


Email us at


Email us at

Call us on 01462 374071 to speak to one of our team!


Call us on 01462 374071 to speak to one of our team!


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